Egress windows

We Specialize In Egress Windows Installations

Custom Concrete Cutting provides a complete egress window installation from excavation to I-Beams in the interior basement walls for added support. Our decades of construction experience provide us the skills and knowledge to tackle all facets of an egress window installation. Our installations follow city code and we take the time to evaluate the surrounding conditions and make recommendations to ensure a long-term solution that will exceed your expectations.

What Is An Egress Window?

An egress window is a window that is required in a basement bedroom and is intended to provide a means of exiting in event of a fire or other emergency. Basement windows must meet specific size and requirements to qualify as egress.

Why I-Beams Make Us Superior?

We specialize in the integrity of the concrete or masonry structure. The addition of I-beams on the interior walls around the window opening adds strength back into the foundation. All of our egress window installations include I-beams. We believe in doing it right - no short cuts.

Basic Steps Of An Egress Window Installation?

  • Excavation of 3'x5'x6' opening
  • Saw window opening in foundation
  • Installation of I-beams
  • Adapt drainage system
  • Install drain tile and gravel at bottom of exterior opening
  • Window Installation
  • Window Well Installation
  • Back filling

Cost of an Egress Window Professional Installation

The typical price for a standard egress window turn-key installation is $3,500.  That price includes the Low-E glass easy crank window, standard rigid metal window well, and expanded metal cover.  Designer wells and covers are available at additional costs. Interior finish work is not included, however we can connect you with one of our quality partners if you wish.