Heavy Steel - No Problem

Precast concrete products have unique qualities that can make them difficult to modify. Heavy Steel and reinforcement are no match for Custom Concrete Cutting. We have decades of experience sawing precast boxes and pipes to your precise shapes and dimensions.

On-Site Modification

Whether in your shop or in the field we show up with our arsenal of saws and drills, power and water, bits and blade, and experience to complete your job right and on time.

We Strive for Perfection

It doesn't matter that most precast boxes will never be seen once buried.  We are very particular in giving you perfect, straight cuts every time. We will ensure that every cuts is level and measured correctly prior to us cutting.

Z-Loc / A-Loc Installs

We have over 24 years experience in boot installations. Look no further than Custom Concrete Cutting to ensure it's done correctly and safely.

Serious About Job Safety

We will show up to your jobsite with all PPE including hardhat, cut proof gloves, eyewear, hearing protection, dust masks, harnesses, air monitors and more.  We will always be available for any additional safety or jobsite specific 

training that you would require.

OHSA Silica Standard

We comply with the OHSA Silica Standard and with either water to control dust or with have a HEPA filtered vacuum attached to drill or saw.